Nutrient IV Therapy Training

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Nutrient injections are used for overall nutrition and assisting in the prevention and improvement of several medical ailments.

We give condition specific Intravenous Nutrient Protocols which combined with other lifestyle modifications are found to help prevent, enhance slow disease development.



MyPracticeConnect Nutrient IV module is intended for doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare professionals seeking to develop their understanding of intravenous nutritional therapies along with the tools required to implement IVs in their practice.

Training will give you a comprehensive understanding of IV treatment administration on both a basic and an advanced level.

We’ll evaluate your present practice version in addition to future goals that will help you build the perfect IV clinic.

We cover potential complications, the supplies required, protocols, consents, insurance coding and charging challenges and availability of key accounts and pharmacies.

Before the beginning of training, each Client’s Trainees must submit a copy of their state license. The Trainees will be state licensed ARNP, PA, MD, DO or ND.

Support staff, such as RN, MA, Aesthetician, Front Desk and Management are encouraged to attend trainings when applicable or available.

Nutrient IV Module

  • Discuss policy and procedure for infusions
  • Explain equipment and procedure
  • Insurance coding and obstacles for billing
  • Marketing strategies and demographics
  • Access to key accounts and pharmacies
  • Fundamentals of micronutrients
  • Diagnostic related testing
  • Potential complications and contraindications
  • Patient Demonstration with hands on training: IV Therapy infusions
  • Perform infusions

Nutrient IV Module Assets

  1. Consents
  2. Marketing posters
  3. Patient education resources
  4. Complete list of supplies (starter administration kits available)
  5. Certificate of Completion
  6. My Practice Connect™ Prescribing Platform Account
  7. 6 months of support via phone or email.
  8. Formularies and Protocols for Nutrient IV Therapy, specifically:
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid IV
    • Anti-Aging IV
    • Athletic Performance IV
    • Glutathione IV
    • Hydration IV
    • Immune Booster IV
    • Late Night Relief IV
    • Meyer’s Cocktail IV
    • Migraine Relief IV
    • Quick Calm IV
    • Stress & Anxiety IV
    • Supercharged Meyer’s Cocktail IV
    • Vitamin C IV
    • Weight Loss IV