Weight Loss Module

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Module Overview

With obesity connected to the majority of chronic disease, nutrition and diet may be among the most valuable treatment opportunities for both disease and age management.

With medical weight reduction being a multi- billion dollar business, it’s crucial to get this modality incorporated into health clinics for both fiscal and medical reasons.



MyPracticeConnect Weight Loss Training Module is intended for doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare professionals seeking to develop their understanding of weight control along with the tools necessary to implement a successful program in their clinic.

Our healthcare team offers weight loss training beginning with instruction on basic nutrition, hormones and workout.

We use science-supported programs which are geared towards the rapid initial weight reduction and long-term maintenance.

We cover protocols, consents, insurance coding and billing hurdles and accessibility to key accounts and pharmacies.

We could even install promotional accounts for weight loss supplements which don’t demand inventory.

We don’t use appetite suppressing drugs in our programs, but could also educate physicians on the usage of those in weight reduction.

Weight Loss Module

  • Fundamentals of nutrition and weight associated hormones
  • Science of ketosis, intermittent fasting, carbohydrate cycling
  • Overview on easy to introduce exercise strategies
  • HCG and its use in weight loss
  • Overlap with other wellness modalities
  • Wholesale product opportunities
  • Insurance coding and obstacles for billing
  • Marketing strategies and demographics
  • Access to key accounts and pharmacies
  • My Practice Connect™ prescribing platform account