The NewYouMD Shock Wave

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  1. Decreases Inflammation
  2. Increases Performance Levels
  3. Increased Metabolism
  4. Reduction Of Chronic Pain and Fatigue
  5. Happiness Boost (the procedure releases endorphins into the bloodstream)
  6. Boosts Collagen

The NewYouMD Shock Wave is a ballistic radial pulse system with an electromagnetic generator as the projectile accelerator.



The acoustic radial wave is made up of two distinct components — a positive pressure pulse and a comparatively small tensile wave component.

The shockwave squeezes the surrounding tissues and breaks the grid structure of these molecules.

The tensile wave contributes to a collapse of these gas bubbles inside the fat structures, which re-expand following the acoustic radial wave and thus guarantee a destabilization of the fat structures.

Therapy Effects

The observed tissue reactions and metabolic effects are basically:

  • Short-term increase of the blood circulation induced by massage and vasodilation
  • long-term improvement of the blood circulation brought on by formation of blood vessels
  • lymphatic drainage effect, dehydration and withdrawal of waste products
  • mechanical and biochemical lipolysis
  • softening of fibrotic structures (septum, scar tissue)
  • strengthening of their connective tissues (collagen, activates neogenesis) contributes to development of this dermal elasticity and firmness
  • cell rejuvenation (procedure for cell regeneration)