SHR (Super High Resoluton IPL)

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Applications – Skin Rejuvenation, Pigment Removal, Vascular Removal , Acne Removal, Wrinkle Removal

The SHR machine includes both single pulse and multi pulse modes and will emit controlled energy levels.

It works by delivering a wide range of colours of light at precisely the exact same time, to take care of multiple skin conditions occurring in larger or small regions. Filters are utilized to selectively deliver light in a variety of wavelengths.

Various wavelengths of light are sent to various layers (and depths) of skin.

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The SHR machine makes it possible for practitioners to pick the ideal setting and wavelength for targeting particular skin conditions.

These conditions include deep wrinkles, sun spots, epidermis brown or reddish pigment, telangiectasis (little reddish or purple clusters frequently spidery in appearance on skin surface). SHR can also be utilized to smooth the texture of their skin (“skin resurfacing”), additionally reduce brown spots.

Every one of those treatments focuses on unique combinations of skin problems. Some work for more superficial frecklesothers are more effective for deeper pigment such as melasma (brown to gray-brown patches on the face), or darker sunlight damage.

Particular filters decrease brown and red while some lighten brown spots and smooth skin texture, promotes collagen to increase, strengthen elasticity of skin, reduces acne treatment, shrink the thick pore, for endogenous pigment, for exogenous pigment.


  • SHR is a newer technology than IPL
  • SHR is easy to set treatment parameters, simply set energy, pulse width and frequency and perform the treatment. With IPL you need to set energy, pulse width, pulse frequency, delay time, light filter setting, etc. which can be a bit difficult to set.
  • SHR has a more powerful light generation at 2000W, IPL is typically only 1200W.
  • SHR has 10 Hz frequency, which allows a 80% faster treatment than IPL.


  • The SHR system uses the most advanced technology that penetrates and performs with better clinical results than the standard IPL safely.
  • High energy: excellent treatment result can be expected at the first treatment
  • It has an upgraded cooling system which ensures the cooling capacity of handle and makes the contact area between crystal and skin 38 to 40 Degrees even after extended usage. This powerful Sapphire cooling system creates a momentary epidermal anesthesia, resulting in painless treatment.
  • Two Handle sizes for 30mm and 15mm applications allowing easier targeting of small facial areas.
  • The lamp and energy generation is a Germany Heraeus and can shoot about 300,000 times .
  • The total power is 4000W
  • Five specific IPL-SHR Sapphire Application Filters included:
    1. 430nm for vascular lesions and red blood streak treatment.
    2. 530nm for skin rejuvenation
    3. 560nm for photo rejuvenation, skin tightening, whitening, improving the flexibility of the skin and reduce the wrinkle
    4. 590nm for pigmentation and spot removal
    5. 640nm for hair removal